AUTHOR title row
Dickens, Charles A Christmas Carol 1
O. Henry

100 Selected Stories

 Crane, Milton

50 Great American Short Stories

 Twain, Mark A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthure's Court 4
 Keshavarz, Hossein A practical cource of english phonetics and phonology 5
Sterne, Laurence A Sentimental Journey 6
 Nabokov, Vladimire Ada, or Ardor 7
 Farrokhzad, Forough Another birth:Selected poems 8
Mcdonough, Steven Applied linguistics in language education 9
Melville, Herman Billy Buad, Sailor and Other Stories 10
Charles Darwin Desmond, Adian; Moore, James Charles Darwin 11
Theroux, Peter Children of the Alley 12
Russell, D.A.; Winterbottom, Michael Classical Literary Criticism 13
 Somerset Maugham, William Collected Short Stories V.3 14
Doctorow, E.L Creationists 15
Nabokov, Vladimire Despair 16
Stoker, Bram Dracula 17
Joyce, James Dubliners 18
Cheney, Patrick; Hadfield, Andrew Early Modern English Poetry 19
Nabokov, Vladimire Eye 20
 Hardy, Thomas Far from the Madding Crowd 21
Turgenev, Ivan  Fathers and Sons(unabridged) 22
 Goethe, Johann Wolfgang  Faust , First Part 23
 Turgenev, Ivan First Love and Other Stories 24
 Meisel, Martin  How Plays Work 25
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time volume IV(Sodom and Gomorrah) 26
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time Volume I(Swan's Way) 27
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time Volume II(Within a Budding Grove) 28
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time Volume III(The Guermantes Way) 29
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time Volume V(The Captive & The Fugitive) 30
 Proust, Marcel  In Search of Lost Time volume VI(Time Regained) 31
 Stewart, Bruce  James Joyce 32
Campbell, Gordon  John Milton 33
 Nabokov, Vladimire  King, Queen, Knave 34
 Nabokov, Vladimire  Laughter in the Dark 35
 Morrison, Toni  Love 36
Sheakespear,William  Merchant of Venice:Texts and contexts 37
 Dostoevsky, Fyodor  Notes From Underground 38
 Nabokov, Vladimire  Pale Fair 39
 Doctorow, E.L  Ragtime 40
 Virgil  The Aeneid 41
 Wharton, Edith  The Age of Innocence 42
 Sartre, Jean-Paul  The Age of Reason 43
Heidegger, Martin  The Essence of Human Freedom 44
 Hugo,Victor  The Hunchback of Notre-Dame 45
 Cooper, James Fenimore  The Last of Mohicans 46
 Somerset Maugham, William  The Razor's edge 47
 London, Jack  To Build a Fire and Other Stories 48
 Nabokov, Vladimire  Vintage 49
 Doctorow, E.L.  World's Fair 50
Lorca, Fedrico Garcia Yerma 51
هنرور،هوشنگ؛ سخنور،جلال ( Norton Anthology) گزيده ي نظم ونثرانگليسي 52
broukal, milada Toefl Reading 53
 Rayment, Tabatha 101 Essential lists on assessment 54
Bromberg, Murray 504 Absolutely essential words 55
bromberg, murray 601 words: you need to know to pass your exam 56
 Ghanbari, abdollah 7 wonders of the ancient world(Factfiles) 57
Farzam, Abbas 99 English Short Stories and Coprehension 58
Perrine, Laurence A Collection of English poetry based on literature :structure,sound,and sense 59
Gerrard, Christine A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Poetry  60
Luckhurst,Mary A Companion to Modern British &Irish Drama 61
Dutton,Richard A Companion To Shakespeares Works :The Comedies v.3 62
Dutton,Richard A Companion To Shakespeares Works The Tragedies v.1 63
Dutton,Richard A Companion To Shakespeares Works: The Histories v.2 64
Sokhanvar, Jalal A Compendious history of English Literature 65
Yarmohammadi, Lotfollah A course in English pronunciation:A generative framework   (آموزش تلفظ انگليسي) 66
Penny,Ur َA course in english teaching 67
ضيايي،مهدي A Critical Guide to Great Plays 68
Cuddon,J.A. A Dictionary of Literary Terms  69
Birjandi,Parviz A General English course for university students 70
Guerin,Wilfred  A Glossary of literary terms 71
Gholamhosseinzade,Gharib-Reza A Handbook of History of Literary Criticism From plato to To,s.Eliot 72
Rajimwale, Sharad A Handbook of literary Terms:Concepts& movements 73
Eliot,Simon A Handbook To Literary Research  74
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Nights Dream:Text and Contexts 75
Chopin, Kate A Pair of silk Stocking&Other Stories 76
Joyce, James A portrait of the artist as a youngman 77
Thomson,A.J; Martinet,A.V A Practical English Grammar: exercises 1 78
Thomson,A.J; Martinet,A.V A Practical English Grammar: exercises 2 79
Pishkar,Kian A Reader's Guide to English Literature 80
Forster, E.M A Room With a View 81
Hall,Vernon A Short History of Literary Criticism 82
Abjadian, Amrollah A survey of english literature(1)  83
Abjadian, Amrollah A survey of english literature(2)  84
A Survey of english literature(Primary text)1 Hosseini, Esmail 85
Dickens, Charles A tale of two cities 86
Newmark,Peter A Textbook of Translation 87
Gupta, Suman A Twentieth-Century Literature Reading 88
Kelly,John  A W.B.Yeat choronology  89
Jordan.R Academic Writing Course 90
Leaver,Betty Achieving success in Second Language Acuisition 91
Dalgish,Gerard Advanced English Dictionary 92
Hewings, Martin Advanced grammar in use+CD 93
Honarvar, Hooshang Advanced Prose Appreciation 94
Bustamante, Floresita Advanced writing 95
Caroll,Lewis Alice Adventures in Wonderland 96
Henderson, Diana Alternative Shakespeares 3 97
Cook,Ann American Accent Training 98
Divine,Robert American Past&Present 99
M. Grindell, Robert American Readings 100
Kafka,Franz Amerika 101
Barnes, Joyce Annette Amistad 102
Danesh, Siavash An Athology Of The Best Of Short Story Writers Of Iran 103
Crystal,David An Encyclopedia Dictionary of Language and languages 104
 Fromkin,Victoria An intorduction to language 105
Schmitt, Norbert An introduction to Applied linguistics 106
Skinner,John An Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Fiction:Raising the Novel 107
Formkin, Victoria,… An introduction to language  108
Fasold,Ralph An Introduction to Language & Linguistics 109
Dutton,Richard An Introduction to Literary Criticism 110
Barnet,Sylvan An Introduction to Literature  111
Rezai,Abbas Ali An Introduction to Literature in English 112
Bentham, Jeremy An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation 113
Stephen, Martin An Introductory guide to English Literature 114
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None 115
Orwell,George Animal Farm 116
Sophocles Antigone 117
Shakespeare, William Antony and Cleopatra 118
 Cook,Guy Applied Linguistics 119
Richards, Jack Approaches and methods in language teaching 120
New mark, Peter Approaches to translation 121
Bigsby, Christopher Arthur miller a critical study 122
FauLkner, William as I lay dying 123
walsh,Michael As Time goes By 124
Widdoeson, H.G Aspects of language teaching 125
paul black,… Assessment for learning putting it into practic 126
Chopin, Kate At Fault 127
Trollope, Antony Barchester Towers 128
Sharp,Pamela Barron's toefl ibt/ test of english+CD 129
Sharpe,Pamela Barrons: How to prepar for the toefl:test of English as a forien language 130
Huberth, Setzler Basic idioms in American english book 1 131
Huberth, Setzler basic idioms in american english book 2 132
michael mc carthy Basic vocabulary in use 133
toni morrison Beloved 134
Nietzsche, Friedrich Beyond Good&Evil 135
San Juan, E Beyond Postcolonial Theory 136
Rabinomitz, Paula Black & White & Noir 137
Dickens,Charles Bleak House 138
 James, Henry Bostonians 139
Tew, Philip British Fiction Today 140
Flower, John Build Your Vocabulary 2 141
Naterop,Bertha  Business English Letters for All 142
Geffner,Andrea Business English:Acomplete Guide TO Developing … 143
Mascull,bill Business vocabulary in use (advanced) 144
Mascull,bill Business vocabulary in use (intermediate) 145
Beacco,Marcella Cafe Creme 1(Cahier D'Exercices)+CD&Casset 146
Pougatch,Massia Cafe Creme 1+CD&Casset 147
Escott, John California 148
Camus,Albert Caligula & three other plays 149
  Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary+CD 150
daniel jones cambridge english pronouncing dictionary + CD 151
Sheakespear, William Cambridge Student Guide:King Lear 152
Shakespeare, William Cambridge Student Guide:Othello 153
Desmond Adrian, Moore James and BrowneJanet ‍Charles Darwin 154
Cook, Vivian  Chomskys universal grammar 155
 Marquez, Gabriel Garcia Chronicle of a Death Foretold 156
Joyce,Jame Cliffs notes on joyce's portrait of the artist as a young man 157
Kalil,Marie Cliffs notes on Austens Pride and Prejudice 158
Coghill,Jeff Cliffs notes on Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles 159
Soens,Lewis Cliffs Notes on Swifts Gullivers Travels 160
william faulkner collcted stories 161
Tennessee, Williams Collected Stories 162
Sinclair,John Collins Cobuild English Dictionary 163
Hart,Jonathan Columbas,Shakespear and the Interpretation of the new world 164
Fitikides, T.J Common Mistakes in English 165
Fitikides,T.J. Common Mistakes in English  166
Ousby,Ian Companion to literature in English 167
Fisiak Jacek Contrastive linguistics and the language teacher 168
Lindley,David Court Masques:Jacobean and Caroline Entertainment 169
          Balzac,Honore Cousin Bette 170
 Dostovsky, Fyodor Crime & Punishment 171
Allingham, Magery  Crime story Collection 172
Pykett,Lyn Critical Issue Charles Dickens 173
Plasa,Carl Critical Issue Charlotte Bronte 174
Tambling Jeremy Critical issues Henry james 175
Darryl,Janes Critical Issues Jane,Austen 176
Judith'sOneill Critics on Charlotte &and Emily Bronteh 177
Andrews,Edited Critics on Shakespeare 178
ميرحسني، اكبر CRS(2) 179
Dickens, Charles David Copperfield 180
Widdowson, H.G. Defining Issues in English Language Teaching 181
Markstein, Linda Developing Reading Skills (advanced) 182
Chastain, Kenneth Developing Second-language skills:Theory and practice 183
 Dudley,Tony Developments in english for specific purposes 184
  Dictionary of contemporary english + CD 185
Salami,Ismail Dictionary of Journalism 186
Comte, Fernand Dictionary of Mythology 187
Brown,Gillian; Yule,George Discourse analysis 188
Bell, Judith Doing your research project 189
Cervantes, Miguel   Don Quixote 190
Maurier,Daphne Don't look now 191
Dr Zhivago  Pasternak,Boris 192
  Dracula 193